Enhance Your Ride with Custom Rims

Custom Rims Made For Kei Trucks And Kei Vans

Looking for high-quality 13 inch 6 inch wide 4/100 bolt pattern 0 offset custom rim for your Japanese mini truck or van and having little luck finding them? Thats what happened to me also. Therefore in 2022 I created Yakuza Brand Meteor series decided to start having them made. Its because until now there was ...

Enhance Your Kei Truck or Kei Vans Appearance

Looking for high-quality and stylish custom rims for your Japanese mini truck or van? Look no further than Japanese Mini Truck And Van Accessories Connection, your one-stop-shop for Kei Truck and Kei Van Custom Rims. Our products are one-of-a-kind and designed to enhance the performance and style of your mini ...


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